The TUNER (Towards UNified Error Reporting) meeting will follow the 9th Atmospheric Limb Workshop on Thursday, June 15th.

Location:  University of Saskatchewan, Room 175 of the Physics Building

The Physics building is a 30 minute walk from the Sheraton Cavalier, the location of the 9th Atmospheric Limb Workshop.


Project Meeting TUNER at University of Saskatchewan

Physics Building - Room 175 - Saskatoon  (see map below)

15 June 2017, 9:00am 

1. The Status of the Project (T. von Clarmann) 

2. Analysis of the Questionnaire (T. von Clarmann) 

3. Discussion (all; chair: TBD):  Deductive Error Analysis. Development of recommendations how error analysis should be done etc); how can we formulate a common recommendation we all agree on?

      3.1   Presentation Natalya Kramarova: OMPS error estimation

      3.2   Presentation Patrick Sheese: ACE error estimation

      3.3   Presentation Thomas von Clarmann: The problem of average averaging kernels 

4. Inductive Error Analysis (chair: TBD):  What can we learn from existing Validation Studies

     4.1   A. Babenhauserheide, Q. Errera, T. von Clarmann:

             Natural variability of atmospheric state variables

     4.2   T. von Clarmann

             A Strategy Towards Recalibration of Precision Estimates 

5. Discussion (all; chair: TBD)  What do the data users need? Shall we find out what they want or shall we educate them in a sense that we make them want the right things? 

6. Other Business:

      6.1  The TUNER-ISSI project (T. von Clarmann)

      6.2  The AMT Special Issue (T. von Clarmann)

      6.3  The SPARC SSG-Mtg. in Seoul

      6.4   Next TUNER Meeting; wrap up of action items defined during this meeting, etc.


For questions pertaining to the agenda, please contact Thomas von Clarmann

Other questions can be directed to Doug Degenstein who is the local organizer for the meeting. 


To register for the TUNER meeting, please click the "Register Now" button for the Limb workshop.